Who are we?

Hello EU! is a student initiative that wants to support the participation of young people in the elections to the European Parliament. Our main goal is to show our peers the European Union in a light in which they may not know it. We show the real impact that the events in the European Parliament have on each of us. We believe that if we want European institutions to work in our interest, we must actively express our opinions and participate in elections. Because who doesn’t go to the polls lets others decide for them.

The project was established at Charles University as an initiative of the European university alliance 4EU+, which brings together eight university partners from six countries of the European Union and Switzerland. In addition to the Czech team, the project has teams in Poland, France and Italy.

Our team

Rabea Benguedihová
Strategic coordinator

Vojtěch Augste
Co-coordinator of the Czech team

František Tichý
Assistant for events and expertise

Kristýna Kolínová
4eu+ Project officer